KinecTunes Post Mortem

A few months ago, I created KinecTunes, a program which utilizes the Kinect to control iTunes. What went wrong There were two main issues that I didn’t initially account for: Sensitivity to noise: Using the SDK example out of box resulted in the Kinect recognizing a lot of false positive commands. This was a big issue - it would randomly interpret lyrics in music as commands and begin to play a new song! Read On →

Introducing KinecTunes - Control iTunes with Your Voice!

A few weeks ago, Microsoft released a SDK for the Kinect. As I had just gotten a Kinect, I was excited to check it out. I love the voice command feature of the Kinect (especially for Netflix on Xbox), so naturally I decided to make an app that incorporated them. I wanted something useful, something beyond just a workable demo. Today, KinecTunes is complete - the ability to control iTunes with voice commands! Read On →

"Play hard, work harder"

Hi there - My name is Matt Netkow and I’m a software developer who has a passion for learning and high quality work. I graduated in May 2009 from Marquette University with a double major in Computer Science and Spanish. In four short years, I studied abroad in Mexico, completed an internship with Motorola, became President of the Spanish Honor Society, built an Electronic Medical Records system for the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Saturday Clinic for the Uninsured, and even got published. Read On →