Announcing Fitwatchr: Convert your Fitbit activity into WeightWatchers Points!

Connect your Fitbit account, calculate your daily activity points, then launch Weight Watchers mobile site to log them:

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Update 2/23/2014: Fitwatchr has been updated to include an expanded focus - everyone, regardless of weight loss program, can enjoy the app. 

More background details:

A while ago I joined WeightWatchers.  They have a pedometer you can buy that tracks steps and thus calculates earned activity points; neat, but I wasn’t thrilled that it was tied to their platform (plus a monthly sub fee!).  Incidentally, a couple of months after that, my company sent out a notice about allowing us to purchase Fitbit activity trackers.  Fitbit is more than just a pedometer - it counts steps, stairs, and sleep patterns along with a very healthy community with forums, groups, etc.  I bought one and love it!

I noticed that Fitbit has an API - which led me to think, “What if I could do something cool with Fitbit and WeightWatchers?”  From going to meetings and searching the Fitbit forums, I discovered that people really love earning activity points for the exercise they do (which translates to more food you can eat - definitely a plus!).  On the forums, as it turns out, a lot of people were asking, “How can I translate my Fitbit activity to WW points?”

Fitwatchr, my new mobile app featuring design collaboration from Universald Inc, solves this problem!



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