The Easiest Way to Keep Product Documentation Up to Date

Documentation. The backbone of successful and beloved products, but difficult to keep up to date given how quickly products evolve. Not to mention dreaded by software developers, who would instead write code. Given these challenges, I’ve found that the easiest way to keep product documentation up to date is: While working on a product, update its documentation simultaneously. At face value, this appears simple enough, but often isn’t. Why This Approach? Read On →

From Bottom-Up to Top-Down Missionary

Author’s Note: Many people share their accomplishments publicly, only showcasing the successful end result. In reality, the road to personal growth is never as smooth as it appears. In my “Behind the Curtain” series, I shine a light on the reality of the hard work, successes, and failures encountered in my career. Before joining the startup world last year, I spent most of my career in consulting, most recently at Slalom - a strategy and technology consulting firm headquartered in Seattle. Read On →

2018 Year in Review

For reference, previous years: 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012. They say that time moves faster as you get older. Our 2018 proves it! We left Seattle, went to Europe for 5 weeks, got new jobs, and bought a house in Madison, Wisconsin. Let’s recap. What say you, Samuel L. Jackson? Goodbye, Seattle! After 3 fun years in Seattle, we decided to move back to the Midwest to be closer to family. Read On →