Bringing the 'Yes, and...' Principle to the Workplace

I’ve been having lots of fun taking Improv comedy classes lately. It’s been a unique way to grow my communication skills, public speaking confidence, and dynamic presentation abilities. It’s personally satisfying while also feeding back into my DevRel work at Ionic. One of the fundamental principles we’ve learned is “Yes, and…” When interacting with a peer on stage, the idea is always to respond to them in a way that helps move the scene forward. Read On →

Always Read the Comments

“Never read the comments” is a familiar maxim told to technologists building products. It makes sense, right? Users typically only leave feedback after they’ve either had an extremely poor experience or a positive one. However, there is value in reading online comments if you frame them correctly. Identify New Product Champions Building a strong relationship with individuals who are passionate promoters of your products is a crucial strategy for growing a business. Read On →

Celebrating One Year at Ionic

“Lisa, I… think I just found my dream job.” The Best-laid Plans… Late one April night, my wife and I were in the midst of packing up our Seattle apartment. It had been a fun three years, but it was time to move back to the Midwest. Specifically, our sights were set on Madison, Wisconsin. Our plan was to sell (almost) everything we owned, drive across the country from Seattle to Madison, drop off our remaining stuff at my in-law’s place, then backpack around Europe for a few weeks. Read On →