Announcing Project Dolly

I’m excited to announce the development of a new mobile app project, codenamed “Project Dolly.” The app offers a simple way to keep in touch with friends and family via automated reminders. Join me in making “It’s been too long” a thing of the past. Sign up to try the upcoming free iOS and Android beta. Listen to the audio version of this post via this voice tweet: I’m back to developing a new mobile app side project! Read On →

Farewell, PhoneGap: Reflections on my Hybrid App Development Journey

Adobe has officially announced the shutdown of PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build. In the context of the hybrid app development world, this is the end of an era. It’s certainly the case for me: it sped up my transition from .NET to web development, and ultimately led to me landing a wonderful role at Ionic. A heartfelt thanks to the team(s) at Adobe and those in the community who supported me along the way! Read On →

Top 4 Professional Lessons of 2019

2019 was an intense year of professional growth. Working at a startup challenged me to improve across many areas. Here are my top 4 lessons learned: 1) Move fast. Then go faster. I’ve traditionally had a methodical work style - taking my time to polish my work and ensuring all the details are just right. While quality work is essential, I’ve learned that you can deliver it while moving fast. Read On →