I’m currently focused on mobile app development through my company Netkosoft, but I have been known to dabble in all sorts of software/hardware projects. Most notable projects include:

Fitwatchr: Advanced Fitbit calorie tracker (Active development)
iOS, Android, and Windows Phone>30,000 lifetime downloads

Fitwatchr began as an app that converts Fitbit activity into Weight Watchers activity points.  Now, it features advanced calorie tracking that can be used by anyone looking to lose or maintain their weight. 

PhoneGap Open Source efforts (Active)
On my GitHub page, you’ll find various PhoneGap tools, including PG Build App Plugins (a wrapper class for controlling app plugins) and PG Build Template (a starter template for new PhoneGap Build projects).

FixMyQ: Netflix Queue Manager (Inactive)
Android; ~8,000 lifetime downloads

Inspired by the fact that Netflix does not show when your Instant Queue movies are going to expire (leading to movies disappearing without notification!), this was my first Android application.  It featured the ability to view, sort, and reorder the user’s entire Instant Queue by movies that are expiring soonest as well as the option to receive recurring notifications which highlight which movies will be expiring next.  Retired after Netflix deprecated their public API.

KinecTunes: Control iTunes using your voice via Kinect device (Inactive)
Windows 7; ~1,000 lifetime downloads

A fun side project.  I used the Xbox Kinect device to listen to voice commands and translate them into iTunes directives.  Users could play a song by saying the song title, pause them, and skip next and previous.  Open sourced on CodePlex.