Fitwatchr - Architecture Overview

Throughout the entire year I’ve been focusing heavily on web development, especially JavaScript.  When I decided to create another mobile app a few months ago, building it with web technologies made sense!  Here’s a breakdown of the tech used to build Fitwatchr:

Initial thoughts on these design decisions:

I’m very happy with the decision to build an HTML5-based app.  I built the app in about 3 months, spending hardly any dedicated time, saving me many months that would have been required if I had tried to write it in both Android and Objective C (not to mention the UI headaches!).  I can definitely recommend the PhoneGap route for a lot of different app types, as JavaScript processing speed keeps increasing with each new generation of mobile devices.  Additionally, prototyping an app idea before deciding to fully invest in it is much faster with web tech, as any initial build doesn’t even have to run on a phone - a browser works just fine!

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