Matt Netkow: Now a Pluralsight Author!

I’m excited to announce that I have been accepted into Pluralsight’s Authorship program!  

Pluralsight provides expert online video training for developers, IT admins, and creative professionals.  I’ve used them for years now at work to get up to speed quickly on new technologies/concepts successfully.

I’ve been working on hybrid mobile apps for almost 3 years now and have learned so much!  I love teaching/mentoring others, so Pluralsight seems like a natural next step.  I will be primarily focused on mobile app courses, specifically hybrid mobile apps (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript).  My first course will be PhoneGap Build Fundamentals, in which I do a deep dive of Adobe’s PhoneGap Build service.  Like most developers that participate, I will be creating courses on nights/weekends whilst I work my day job with SAVO.

This is one of several exciting developments that I will be sharing this year.  2015 is truly shaping up to be one for the record books!

“This is the spark, let it burn, make it build
It will never be denied”

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