Introducing SAVO Desktop: Real-time SAVO Updates via Notifications

Last Fall, SAVO’s management team introduced the first of many Innovation Challenges - employee side projects whose goal is to “showcase innovations that are very focused… and address a specific business problem.”  First, second, and third place cash prizes are handed out for top entries.  Today, two of my coworkers and I submitted SAVO Desktop - a Windows desktop application designed to provide real-time notifications relating to SAVO content that the user has “subscribed” to (think “following” a la Twitter).  

In the current SAVO system, users can “subscribe” to content that they find relevant and important to their work.  When certain updates to the content occur (such as new comments, new versions, new editing, etc.) the user is notified via email instantly.  My team chose to view the subscription feature in a different  light: What if there was an easier way to digest the updates in a more robust manner?

SAVO Desktop is our solution.  The application sits in the background, periodically checking for new updates to the User’s subscriptions.  When a new action occurs, a pop-up notification is displayed:

SAVO Desktop - notification

Clicking on the notification opens up the Subscription Newsfeed - a list of all actions that have occurred appears.  Clicking on the link opens up the browser and navigates to the asset in SAVO.  Minimizing the application places it into the system tray.

Savo Desktop - newsfeed

The judges loved our application and gave tremendous feedback.  In fact, they plan to assist us with turning it into an official SAVO product!  We hope to find out soon how we fared against our peers.  Stay tuned…

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