Introducing KinecTunes - Control iTunes with Your Voice!

A few weeks ago, Microsoft released a SDK for the Kinect.  As I had just gotten a Kinect, I was excited to check it out.  I love the voice command feature of the Kinect (especially for Netflix on Xbox), so naturally I decided to make an app that incorporated them.  I wanted something useful, something beyond just a workable demo.  Today, KinecTunes is complete - the ability to control iTunes with voice commands!


I’ve open-sourced the project - you can download the source and/or the Windows installer on Codeplex for free.  See the program in action here.  It requires Windows 7, the Kinect device, and various Microsoft Speech code libraries.


KinecTunes was created in C# and uses the Kinect SDK Beta and iTunes C# COM library.  

Edit: Thanks to,, and for featuring articles about KinecTunes!  It’s also a great honor to be written about on Microsoft’s Channel9.

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