"EverNoble" wins That Conference 2012's Hackathon for "Best Use of Azure"!

I am currently at “That Conference”, a brand new 3 day software development conference located in the Wisconsin Dells.  Last night, I participated in a 4 hour hackathon - my first ever!  Categories included “Best Use of Twilio”, “Best Use of Windows Azure”, and “Best Summer Camp theme”.  My app won first place for “Best use of Windows Azure”!
It’s easy to forget things if you don’t write them down, so I use Evernote for organizing my thoughts, daily todo’s and projects.  What if you have a thought/idea/note that you want to remember, but for some reason WIFI is not available?  What if you don’t have a smart phone?  My app allows you to send a text message to a special number, which then creates a new note in Evernote with the text message body.

Notable Details:

Technical Implementation:

I set up a free phone number through Twilio that when texted, sent the SMS details to an Azure-hosted MVC web application via a POST request.  The Azure app then creates a new Evernote note with the text message body.

What went wrong:

What went right:


This was my first time participating in a hackathon.  I certainly didn’t expect to win one of the prizes!  Coming prepared with a variety of ideas and a competitive attitude are a must.  It was a fantastic challenge that I hope to do again soon.

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