2012 in Review


I’ve come a long way in my 3.5 years with The SAVO Group - this year was certainly the busiest but also the most rewarding.  Highlights include:

Personal Development Projects

Despite having a very busy personal life, I still managed some work on some neat side projects:


This was a huge year for my personal life, as I married my best friend of 5 years in June. We were proud to host over 200 of our closest friends and family for what we dubbed “the biggest party of 2012!”  Seriously though, it was a perfect day filled with lots of love and happiness.  A fantastic honeymoon in Thailand was the perfect end to our wedding planning journey!

Goals for Next Year

I accomplished a lot this past year, extending my name/brand through a combination of software, leadership, and professionalism. As always, I look forward to working on:

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